Film night: VALKOINEN PEURA (THE WHITE REINDEER) Erik Blomberg, Finland

December 9, 2019 @ 7:45 pm

Erik Blomberg, Finland, 1952 (74 mins), B&W

Set in Finnish Lapland, Valkoinen Peura is based on pre-Christian Finnish mythology and Sami shamanism. The film centres on a young woman called Pirita who meets Aslak, a reindeer herder, and they soon marry. Aslak must spend time away for work, leaving his new bride lonely. In an effort to alleviate her loneliness and ignite marital passion, Pirita visits the local shaman, leading to tragic results.

Please look at the film club’s website for more information about the films and prices
Light refreshments are served at 7:00pm, the proceeds go to LiNC charity.

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