4 thoughts on “Swedish and Norwegian Language Classes

  1. Michele Cattell

    Do you have any more information on the Swedish Language course please.
    Is it for beginners?
    Many Thanks

    1. Helen Metcalf Post author

      Hi Michele
      The Thursday group learns Swedish in a very informal way, there are beginners and more advanced learners, I am sure you would fit in nicely, you are most welcome to have a go. I’d suggest start after Christmas, there are a few cancelled days up to Christmas, with other activities clashing in the church.
      Talk to Stan, he will show you the ropes

  2. Paula Cook

    Hi Helen,
    I speak Swedish and would love to maintain my level because I get so few opportunities to practise and improve. It occurred to me to join the Swedish intermediate class, but because of work commitments, I know that I will not be able to go every Thursday. In fact, it would really be a matter of dropping in from time to time. Is that acceptable or would it cause huge disruption to the rest of the group? Is there someone I could discuss this with?


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