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GANC Chairman’s report

Chairman Stan Royden:

REPORT FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF GANC (Gustaf Adolf Nordic Congregation, in case you were wondering) 

After a refreshing break in August, it’s full steam ahead once more. We have already had our harvest festival, a wedding blessing, a confirmation and a baptism and by the time you read this, we will have visited our friends at the German Church for the Reformation service. Now we look forward to Lucia, which will be celebrated in traditional fashion and before you know it, Christmas will be over and we will be celebrating “julgransplundring” in January with the help, once again, of Kristina from the Swedish Church in London.
One final point: Michael Persson is leaving the Swedish Church in London after nearly 10 years. He has been a good friend to us and we will miss him. We wish him well in his new post in Stockholm and hope that he and Camilla will have occasion to visit us again sometime. Don’t forget that you can “donate” flowers for the altar in memory of a loved one; Mette will make sure that they will look lovely in the sanctuary.

God Bless




LiNC Chairman’s report

LiNC Chairman, Roger Metcalf:


The LiNC Charity Company has yet again had a successful year in that it is in a good financial position, whilst maintaining and developing the objects of the Charity. This position is mainly due to the contribution of the very few people who regularly take an immensely active part in arranging and looking after all the events in the building.

Like last year, all social, religious and cultural activities have been carried out as normal. All this work is being carried out by a very small group of devoted people, mainly members of the Board and a few other volunteers, all of whom I thank enormously. However, I must tell you now, that if you, the members of the LiNC Charity company want this level of activity to continue, then we must, please, have more people volunteering to help at events. The current level of financial success and level of monetary security is directly related to the events that are carried out. It is not just a matter of attending events, we need you to volunteer to help-out at events, or finding new members to join us who can take part in the organisation of events, if we are to continue to succeed into the future.

The main activity regarding the building was the creation of the two new toilets in the old sauna area. We have obtained a new building inspection and this report has now been received and the verdict is that building is in reasonable condition, although several items need attention: the cracking around the church walls and water ingress through the leaded lights.

The project of installation of a lift is still in our objectives for the future but this continues to take some time and is subject to negotiations, because of the Grade II*status and the cost involved. Having received the building survey, we need to investigate the cracking in the high levels of the church walls and the condition of the leaded lights. This will be a future project, because of the difficulty and projected very high cost.

We have had a survey of the condition of the spire because of it being a wooden construction and, because as far as we know it has never been professionally inspected before, this is at the top of our project work for this year.