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LiNC Chairman’s Report

March 2018     LINC     Newsletter                 Roger G Metcalf , chairman                                                      

We are already in the early spring and I hope everyone enjoyed the festive season over Christmas and New Year.

I can say that the Bazaar in November was a great success, yet again raising a new record income, so I thank all those involved in helping in preparations and those working on the day. The Lucia in the Cathedral also raised more money than previous years, however we do need to try to get more people to attend but weather plays a big role in attendance numbers, especially so on our own Lucia event, which we unfortunately encountered. But thank you for all those who arranged it with singing and costumes, to sing in the choir and to enjoy the choir’s efforts, very beautiful ones as per always!

We have not had any significant repairs to carry out and the funds of the company remain very much the same, as I set out in the last newsletter. These funds do rely heavily on the income we generate from the LiNC Operations running the catering side of our activities. The well attended and pleasant Wednesday Coffee Morning takings contribute a substantial amount of the catering income. The rest of this money comes from providing coffee and cakes at concerts and other events, for instance the Heritage Groups visiting the church. This work is carried out by a very small list of our volunteers, to whom I am very grateful.

We must be aware that this is potentially a declining market and we need to consider other methods of increasing income. It would be very welcome if some more of our members can volunteer to help at the events we hold and perhaps think up new ones.

There has been much speculation in the news recently about charities. This is a suitable point to tell you about the work we have been doing, over a long period of time, to consolidate our position in the Church:

The ownership of the old 1883 Trust has been reconfigured to be in the control of the new Liverpool Nordic Church 1883 Trust Company, which now owns the freehold of the church and the land on which it is built.

In turn, LiNC now has an official 25-year, renewable, lease from the new 1883 Trust Company. Both these arrangements are recorded officially at the Land Registry. This lease gives LiNC the complete responsibility for all the running of the building, maintenance and activities.

The LiNC Company has, in turn, agreed a Licence with the Gustaf Adolf Nordic Congregation Company to carry out all the religious aspects of our overall responsibility to ensure that the building is used as a church, which is required by the original 1883 Trust Indenture. Thus, the congregation members can be assured that they can stay as long as they want in the building.

With this lease behind us, LiNC Company can now legally ask for grants for the building, something we have not been able to do until now.    We are now able to start to consider what work is required to repair the church leaded light windows, which is urgently required, particularly on one of the south-east facing windows. We will also be obtaining costs for the installation of a lift and at the same time obtain the requirements of the listed building heritage bodies to make such a change to the building.

Please note, the new General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR, tells us we must have your permission to keep data about you, postal and email addresses. If you are a member of LiNC company and GANC company, you have already agreed when you joined us, to be informed by post or email. Anyone else will get an email asking you to agree to us keeping your personal information. We do not hand out out to any other organisation and only send you matter or info about  “Nordic” events. . You can also sign a document at church if you have no email address, with the same permission.

Please do respond, or we must delete your details altogether

As I have said in earlier newsletters, more volunteers are needed, so if you can help, please inform me or any of the members of the board at the church or by email.

As always, thank you to all the people who give so generously to our charity in terms of membership, directorship, money and time to help at our events. Thank you also for coming to our events and “using” the building. This is what it is all about – the building should not be a “museum piece” – but should be visited and loved by as many people as possible.