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LiNC Chairman’s Report October 2019


Achievements and performance

The LiNC Charity Company has had a successful period in that it is in a good financial position, whilst maintaining and developing the objects of the Charity.
Following on from the consolidation and beneficial change to the position and security of the LiNC Charity Company, this year has been mainly devoted to the preparations, organisation and design work involved in the project to install a lift.
Electrical Work
The five-yearly Electrical Test of all the circuits in the building was carried out, also the Portable Appliance Tests. This resulted in some correction work but more significantly the replacement of the old fuse box for the church lighting, which was in the area of the lift shaft, and the replacement of all the lower level lighting in the church.
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service
We needed to have the building surveyed by the MFRS Inspection Officer, who found that our original Fire Risk Assessment was not correctly carried out 8 years ago, so a new report was commissioned and has been accepted as good. However, the report found that we did not have enough fire retardant on many of the doors in the building also we use wedges on many of the doors when the building is occupied. Also, the windows from the Gas and Electric incomer room and the windows from the visitor’s lounge had no fire protection. These windows have now been covered with fire retardant plasterboard and we have purchased electronic door wedges.
Following the above work, it was accepted that we could install a lift.
We appointed KDP Architects to do the design work for the lift, which starts in the current ladies’ toilet passing through the rear part of the office and terminates in the storeroom at the back of the church. The lift will require a new door opening making in the outside wall to the garden. There will also be significant work in the area of the visitors lounge and the coffee room. This will include the installation of two new toilets, one of which will be wheelchair accessible. It will be possible to have wheelchair access to all floors.
We have, with considerable help from the architects, gained both Building permission and Heritage permission for the work from Liverpool City Council. It was not deemed necessary by LCC to involve English Heritage, because their view is that the work will not affect the Grade II* listing, if anything, it enhances the grading, because the lift is being installed in the area where there were stairs in the original building.
This work has continued and is detailed below.

Work on the Lift in this Financial Year
Following on from achieving building permission, we have employed a Quantity Surveyor to define all the stages of the required work and a Structural Engineer to specify details for the floor supports and flooring around the lift structure.
The drawings and all documentation are now out to obtain detailed cost estimates.

Lift Funding
Following on from the allocation of £15000 to the Lift fund, significant work has been undertaken on raising further funds. The Fund-raising team has undertaken very significant time and work to raise funds for the lift. As at the end of the year this fund stands at £17,700

Normal Activities
– All social, religious and cultural activities have been carried out as normal (Religious services / Coffee mornings / Bazaars / Lucia and Lucia in the Anglican Cathedral / Language classes / Film Nights / Handicraft team / Concerts / LiNC meetings / English Heritage open days.
– LiNC continues to endeavour to develop contacts with local residents
– Several local historical societies have visited the building for conducted tours.
– There are currently 115 members of the LiNC Company.

Legal and Architects Costs
We have paid £1,174 to Liverpool City Council for planning applications and planning control and an interim payment of £2,100 to KPD Architects. These costs are both initial payments for the Lift project.

Building and other major costs
– Electrical Costs amounted to £5213
– Other normal minor repairs have been carried out
– Normal minor general building maintenance has been carried out.
Thus, this year, the annual costs on maintenance was on budget.

– The work on the Lift is progressing as detailed above.
– We are continuing to monitor the condition of the high levels of the church walls and the condition of the leaded lights in the church. This revealed that there are no serious defects, but that improvement and rectification work should be carried out when possible.
The allocated sum of £10,000 remains the same as last year for the repairs required for the upper level of the church and the leaded lights. This will need to be the subject of seeking grant funding.

Financial review
The transfer of £18423 from LiNC Operations comes from the profit of the trading operations of the 1 share, wholly owned LiNC Operations Company. This company operates the catering activities taking place within the building, for coffee mornings, and other events where refreshments are offered for sale to visitors and, also, the bed and breakfast activity.
It is the policy of the charity that unrestricted funds which have not been designated for a specific use should be maintained at a level equivalent to at least one year’s expenditure. The trustees consider that reserves at this level will ensure that, in the event of a significant drop in funding, they will be able to continue the charity’s current activities while consideration is given to ways in which additional funds may be raised. The income over expenditure for the year was £12,280.

Signed LINC Chairman Roger Metcalf