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LiNC Chairman’s Report October 2018

LiNC Charity Committee Chairman’s Newsletter – October 2018
We have been lucky again this year and had a lovely summer and I hope you all had an opportunity to enjoy whatever you did wherever you were. I had a marvelous time visiting our cottage in Sweden.
This year has brought significant beneficial change to the position and security of LiNC Company.
The old Nordic Church 1883 Trust and its Trustees were technically the owners of the 1883 Indenture, which governed the ownership of the church, it has now been reconfigured into the Liverpool Nordic Church 1883 Trust Company. The new trust has been registered as the Custodial Trustee of the old 1883 Indenture, which exists in perpetuity.
The new trust has granted a renewable 25-year lease to the LiNC Company. This makes LiNC complete-ly responsible for all activities, maintenance, and development of the church building. The lease also gives us the right to install a lift. LiNC has in turn agreed a licence with the Gustaf Adolf Nordic Congregation Company for all religious activities in the building.
All these changes put the ownership and responsibilities of the companies and the church on a properly registered legal standing for the future. This will help significantly with our seeking funding from external sources, such as grant funding organisations and companies with charitable objectives.
Furthermore, the time limitation on the change of ownership of the car park has expired. (This was a limitation from the Swedish Church at the time we bought the car park.) We have closed the bank accounts associated with the old LiNC Charity and transferred the assets to the LiNC Charity Company.
The LiNC Operations Company is set up and is responsible for all the cafe type activities and the B & B, where we sell our services to you and the public, and where we make profit from the activities. This company is wholly owned by LiNC Charity Company, so the profit is transferred to the LiNC Charity.
This now means that we must control and manage 4 companies resulting in a lot of work for Harriet our Treasurer and Helen the company secretary of all of the companies. I give my thanks to them both.
As usual, during the summer, we have been closed for six weeks. However, we have continued with the social, religious and cultural activities being carried out as normal (Religious services / Coffee mornings / Language classes / Film nights / Handicraft team / Concerts / English Heritage open days) Several local historical societies and U3A groups have visited the building for conducted tours.
We could always do with more people coming along to enjoy these special Nordic events.
Finance is always of course uppermost in our considerations. We must make as much use as possible of the facilities as we can. I always ask here in my newsletter for you to send me suggestions of what activities you would like to see taking place in our building, or if you know a group of people who are looking for a venue to hold meetings. We are always interested in hiring out the facilities.
We are now working towards the installation of a lift, this will take time and is subject to negotiations with the City Council and other bodies. The LINC Board has allocated a sum of £15,000 as the start of the funds for the lift. Thus, we are holding the Scaffold “Snaps” concert on 20th October as the inaugural event for the Lift Fund. We are, now, getting quotes to estimate the total cost of the lift and facilities improvements. The lift on its own will cost £28,500 and VAT, excluding all the building alterations so we will be organising other events and asking for donations as well as seeking external grants.
We are continuing to monitor the condition of the high levels of the church walls and the leaded lights in the church. This revealed that there are no serious defects, but that improvements and rectification work must be carried out when possible. LiNC Board has allocated a sum of £10,000 as the start of the fund for the repairs required for the upper level of the church and the leaded windows.
We now look forward to the Christmas Bazaar on 24th of November, when a lot of you are involved in selling all our Christmas goods, much of which has been obtained from auctions in Sweden or is made by our stalwart handicraft members and also the jam and cake makers.
I am glad to say that we will be holding a Lucia at the Cathedral this year on Saturday 15th December, when a Swedish Youth Choir from Lötenkyrkan, Gamla Uppsala Parish, will sing in the service. We will also be holding a Lucia concert in the church with our own children and adults on Sunday 9th December. Please note a one-week difference in performances, with our own concert BEFORE the Cathedral one.
As always, LiNC relies on you, the members, for all it does. Maintaining the 1884 building and making improvements is a constant consumer of money. We require as much contribution from you as possible. Please pay your subscriptions on time and increase the amount you give if you can.
If any of you have Nordic friends who are not members of LiNC, please ask them to join our charity and sign up to be a member of LiNC.
We continue to work successfully and have many activities taking place. I hope that more of you would like to come to Park Lane and take part. You can also volunteer to take an active part in the work that we do. We need you all to spread the word about our LiNC Charity Company.
Thank you for your support and looking forward to seeing you at some events.
Roger Metcalf.