G.A.N.C —-Chairman’s report


REPORT FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF GANC (Gustaf Adolf Nordic Congregation Company) 

April 2017

Since we had the honour of hosting Synod in 2016, we have had quite a successful 12 months; our membership has remained stable with about 50 members, not all of whom are old-age pensioners.  Our finances are satisfactory, due in no small measure to the efficiency of our treasurer, Harriet Busby, and to the financial and practical help we receive from LiNC, Liverpool international Nordic Community, the charity set up some years ago to support the church. We have managed to donate to three charities and to make contributions to a local food bank.

We have services most Sundays (apart from the third Sunday in the month) and attendance varies, usually between 12 and 30. No parishioners live within walking distance. Special events attract larger numbers, especially Lucia in December, the Swedish “festival of light”. Services are in English, but some of the liturgy is now in Swedish. The hymns are usually Swedish, occasionally Norwegian.  Pastor Jo Jan involves as many people as he can in the services, which is very good.

On 21st February, Liverpool hosted the “Stationenweg” to mark the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s “game changing” deed, and we took part in the service at the Anglican cathedral.  We continue to meet with our friends at the German church and celebrate Reformation Day together.

The number of requests for weddings and baptisms that we receive is not great, but does appear to be on the increase.

 Stan Royden

Chairman, Church Council



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