GANC Chairman’s Report October 2018

Report from the Chairman

After the summer break, it’s good to get back into the old routine – albeit with some modifications.
There was little to report on the Lutheran Synod although it was good to meet up with representatives of the other LCiGB churches and to find that the problems we have are shared by almost everyone else.
One of our problems is the fact that our Anglo/Swedish service booklets were disappearing at an alarming rate (souvenirs?) and we have had to purchase another 100 copies. Hopefully, the words “Please do not remove” on the back cover will have the desired effect!
By the time you read this, we will, hopefully, have been visited by Reverend Eric Muhl, the incumbent at the Swedish Church in London. He took the initiative and we greatly appreciate the fact that London wishes to maintain contact with us. Long may it continue!
We have had few visiting clergy recently, Canon Neville Black, Reverend James (Jim) Matarazzo and retired Swedish seamen’s pastor Olle Sjöholm. We are still hoping to arrange a visit by a Danish pas-tor.
Our church came into existence thanks to Evangeliska Fosterlands Stiftelse – The Patriotic Evangelical Foundation in Sweden. The foundation recently celebrated its 150th anniversary and we were delighted to welcome a delegation from them in June. We have recently received a request from them to host a party of young people as part of their confirmation preparations. We look forward to this very much.
On a sad note, we lost another member of our community at the end of August: Edie Hansen, the wid-ow of war-veteran Kristian. She was a lovely lady and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with those mourning her passing, both here and in Norway.
We have a good unofficial networking system in our congregation and appreciate it when we hear of anyone in need of our prayers, we also appreciate good news. Lars Ruden, our Norwegian pastor, has made a good recovery after several weeks in hospital. He’s now enjoying his well-earned retirement with Liv. We haven’t seen them at church for nearly 2 years, so maybe we will do so before too long.
There is much to look forward to; the biennial visit to the German Church, Lucia on two separate weekends, the Christmas Eve merriment and “julgransplundring” with (hopefully) Kristina helping us out.
Thanks to Ole and Vernissa for keeping the church clean and tidy, Phil for his virtuosity on the organ, Mette for looking after the altar flowers, and to the church council for their constant support.
Stan Royden, September 2018

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