GANC report April 2023


Things have been returning to normal, slowly but surely, but they will never be quite the same again. Our membership is fairly steady, but attendance at Sunday services has not recovered yet Our finances , too, have taken a hit and we have had to dip into them. However, We have managed to celebrate the “important” occasions, so a few thankyous are in order: to Cinna for organizing the Lucia choir, to Ulfar for holding the fort on Christmas Eve, to Ulfar and Susan for taking care of the altar flowers, to Phil for always being there when we needed an organist, to Ole and Vernissa for looking after the church, to Katrine and Joan for their input on the church council, to LiNC and everyone who supports us, and to Pastor Maris for not letting strikes, sickness or anything else prevent him from coming twice a month to take communion services.
On 6th November the German church congregation joined us for a joint Reformation Sunday service; we were heavily outnumbered, even though we were hosting.
Shortly before Christmas we lost Karen Ramsden, one of our Norwegian community. Our condolences to David and all Karen’s family and friends.
On a more positive note, Maris confirmed a brother and sister from the Faroes; their grandfather read the lesson – in Faroese, of course. If you know of anyone who would like to be confirmed, please let Maris (or me) know.
Harriet and I went to London on 22nd April for the LCiGB synod. It was a long, but eventful session, the most important item being the election of a new bishop, as Bishop Tor was retiring. After one (or was it two?) unsuccessful attempts, Rev. Dr. Jaakko Rusama was elected. He is an interesting character: when he is not lecturing at the university of Helsinki, he referees football matches. He has preached in our church and is fluent in English and Swedish, as well as Finnish. We look forward to welcoming him to “Gustaf Adolf” again before too long. I would like to make it known that Harriet has been helping LCiGB with their accounts for several years, and was warmly thanked for all her work.
In order to fit in with Pastor Maris’s schedule, we have changed the pattern of our Sunday services as follows:
First and third Sundays holy communion with Maris
Second and fifth Sundays no services
Fourth Sunday morning prayer
There will be times when this pattern will not be followed (Easter Sunday was an example), so if you are planning to come to a service, do check the website or phone me first.
I can’t finish without thanking Helen for all her secretarial work, and Harriet for looking after our finances. What would we do without them?

Stan Royden
Liverpool. April/May 2023

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