At Nordic Church we run a Craft Cafe on most Saturdays. There has been a great success selling the knitted, crocheted or in other ways created items.

Of course, all monies raised go to the up-keep of the church building. The Craft group has paid, for instance, for chairs in the coffee room, a display fridge, garden furniture and the new serving ‘tables’ we now use.


SYLVIA HIKINS at  sycy83@hotmail.com  or call into the Nordic Church on Wednesday or Saturday mornings to take a look at the many items we have for sale on our Craft Stall. Don’t wait until Christmas- buy now!

Left)       Hand Knitted Pink Pussy Power Hats. Liverpool’s answer to the hat that is sweeping America. Everyone unique and hand decorated with bling. £12 each plus £2.50 postage

Right)    Hand Knitted hats in traditional Norwegian designs. Everyone unique. £15 each plus £2.50 postage.