LiNC Chairman’s Report March 2022


An update from the Chairman of LINC – Roger Metcalf

Dear members and friends,

Welcome back to the church building on Park Lane! Let us hope that this time is for real and the pandemic will not stop us again. It is now almost 2 years since we closed the church because of the Covid pandemic. This period has been very difficult for us all, but I hope that you have been able to keep well and now are going about nearly as you would normally.
We did have what turned out to be a false start in the summer and early autumn of last year when we started to gradually open up our activities but soon had to close down again. Now we are under completely new Government rules that enable us to restart our normal activities.
The coffee mornings are in full swing along with church services. The Film Club is also up and running. However, we do ask that you keep a strong sense of safety regarding everyone’s health. The hand sanitisers will still be in position for your use and we do recommend to wear face masks, if it is crowded but of course, it is on a voluntary basis
I would ask you all to consider offering your help for these events. We really need to have some extra volunteers to make these convivial occasions as good as they are. Please offer help, be it serving or clearing up after events.
The only constant source of income this year has been from the people who hire spaces in the car park and some stalwart Swedish supporters of Liverpool F.C. We are hoping that we can now look forward to increasing the income to the charity to make up for the losses over the last two years, when we have had to spend money on all the annual testing of equipment that is required for a public building, and unavoidable repairs and maintenance.
I am spending time at the moment on developing a new LINC website, with a professional website builder. We hope to have this up and running in the next month or so. If you have any materiel that you would like to be included, pictures, videos, stories or events, please email
As to visits to the church, we already have a Heritage visit booked for the middle of March; the Finnish Embassy is hiring the building for two days at the end of March to issue passports to Finns living up here in the North. The Liverpool Male Voice Choir has made a private booking for a concert at the end of April, and we have a wedding reception booked for June. We already have a booking for Maruk Jarij and the St Petersburg Sunday Choir on Friday 29 October, for which tickets will be available later in the year. This choir has performed with us before and was very well received, so you can look forward to a different musical evening that day, make a note of this in your diaries!
Our knitting/sewing/handicaft Saturday group has started again and it has been greatly welcomed by many, and all things produced will be sold for the benefit of LiNC. Anyone interested to join, please come on a Saturday morning. Thank you, Sheila and Kirsten for setting it up and running!
Thus, events are starting to build up when we provide a service of sandwiches, cakes and coffee. I again ask you to consider if you may be able to volunteer to take part in these events, make cakes, set up the coffee room, serve coffee or help clearing up afterwards. Group visits are mostly at lunch times, concerts of course in the evenings where helpers often are needed after 6 o’clock for a couple of hours.
We have also started to carry out the 5-yearly building inspection. In previous years we have only done internal inspections, but if you look at the outside of the building, you will see that there is significant damage to some of the external sandstone arches and other external features such as windows, the spire and the 32 (!) different roof sections of our building. We decided that the time has come to do a complete inspection of the building. The external inspection has been completed and the internal one will be done at the end of February. We also need to have the leaded light windows, which are in a poor condition, inspected by experts. These inspections are going to give us a shock about the costs involved in carrying out repairs on the building, which is now 138 years old and has not had any major corrective work for a long time. When we have a complete portfolio of the work required, then we will start to go out looking for sponsors because there is no way we can afford the work.
As you might remember, the board decided a long time ago to put money away for a rainy day and luckily, thus, we have managed to pay for these inspections as well as the everyday expenditures during these two years. That has left us of course with a hole in our pocket but with income-bringing activities and your financial support we hope to restore the finance situation. Please don’t forget to renew your subscription to us now in the new year.
Thank you all who responded to our appeal at Christmas, you gave LiNC a generous sum
of £535.
Now at long last, it looks like we can have our usual events going again in the church building but why not help us with something new, any ideas are most welcome! There is no denying that most of the volunteers who help out so generously, are no spring chickens, so new fresh blood is needed!!
At the moment we are planning to have a children’s garden party in May/June, if you can help with food, games, filled flowerpots and raffle prizes, etc, contact Sirpa on
All the best and I hope to see you soon