LiNC Chairman’s Report September 2020

THE CHAIRMAN’s REPORT September 2020

An update from the Chairman of LINC – Roger Metcalf

I hope and trust that all of you who are reading this newsletter are well and manage to keep a good outlook in these very troubling and difficult times.

I want to make you aware of potential problems that we will have soon. The board and most of the volunteers are reaching more and more advanced years of age. If we do not get some younger people onto our board and on the list of volunteers, we will have to start to think about winding up the LiNC Charity Company and finding someone else to take over the management of the building.
I appeal to you all to think if you can join us or know someone of younger age, who might be interested in joining. Taking part in running the charity covers a range of activities that can give people significant experience in the responsibilities of a public building, finance and organisation skills that are not commonly available. This type of work can stand out and be a positive addition to a person’s CV.

I have been having discussions with the boards of both LiNC and GANC about making the initial steps in order to open the building. This will require the preparation of a significant amount of documentation – Building safety checks, Covid Risk Assessments, initial cleaning plans, and then routine cleaning plans, people separation arrangements and others. We will also have to arrange for hand sanitisers in multiple locations, and perhaps bacterial misting equipment.

Mette Royden has recently resigned from LiNC Operations and also Sylvia Hikins has resigned from the LiNC Board. I take this opportunity to thank them both for outstanding work in our operations over very many years. Their work has been devoted to making our activities work very well and has resulted in significant generation of money and fund raising towards the running of our building. I thank them on behalf of us all for their significant work and efforts for us and wish them well in the future.

The LiNC charity continues in a good financial position to withstand the difficulties of the situation we find ourselves in, when the church building has not been used at all.
It has always been our policy to keep a substantial reserve of cash in the bank to cover any unexpected required expenditure.
There have been no activities at all taking place in the last six months.
The refurbishment of the kitchen has been delayed, but I am proposing to try to get some of the improvement work carried out.
We have also carried out some of the legally required checks on equipment in the building.
We had previously committed to have a detailed report carried out on the exterior of the building, which will involve modern drone technology in order to look at every part of the building. This work has been completed and we now await the report in the near future.
We are still getting some income from the Car Park. We have some very generous people who, despite working from home, are hiring our spaces.
So, in conclusion, the charity is in a safe position financially, and we look forward to when we can restart our activities, whenever that might be.

I wish you all very well, I hope you are managing to keep a bright outlook on our collective difficulties. The main thing is that we must look after ourselves and stay safe.
This difficult period will come to an end, “We will soon meet again”
Very best regards

Signed LINC Chairman Roger Metcalf