LiNC Chairman’s Report March 2020


An update from the Chairman of LINC – Roger Metcalf
I hope and trust that all of you who are reading this newsletter are well and keeping a good outlook in these very troubling and difficult times. I hope you are all managing to keep a bright outlook in your daily lives and making the best of the opportunity to take a walk to keep fit and well in the fresh air.
As you know, the LiNC Board took the decision to close the church at the meeting in the first week of March, so we were probably one of, if not the first, organisation to make this decision, before the government took the drastic steps that we are currently undergoing.
Let us all hope and pray that this situation will not go on for too long. However, we must be prepared for a significant period of time.
The LiNC charity is in a good position to withstand the difficulties of the financial situation with running the church building when it is not being used at all. We keep a substantial reserve of cash in the bank to cover any extraordinary event that might stop our income for a lengthy period of time. However, we never thought it would be anything like this disastrous pandemic.
Now, I will return to making the usual report for the newsletter.
Our activities in the period since the last newsletter have been much the same as previous years and, I am glad to say, with the same levels of funds raised through the very significant levels of help from our small number of volunteers.
The Bazaar in November was a success, to the extent that we made a slightly higher profit than previous years, so I thank all those involved in helping in preparations and those working on the day. The Lucia in the Cathedral was also highly successful and raised a record amount, almost double previous years. This was due to a much higher attendance than previous years and that the choir was ‘local’ from London. I thank all who took part in advertising the event and particularly those who took to Facebook to put out the details of the event. We will not be having a Lucia at the Cathedral this year, due to a conflict of events at the Cathedral and no other suitable dates being available. Also, it will be a well-deserved rest for the board members closely involved with making the arrangements and all the tasks involved with the actual event. If anyone interested in the workings of these arrangements and willing to eventually take over the mantle, please talk to Harriet or Helen.
Our own Lucia was a great success again, so thank you Cinna, parents and, above all, children who took part.
Much of my last newsletter was devoted to the work involved with the application for the grant for the installation of the lift. Unfortunately, the Heritage Lottery Fund did not approve the grant. They defined four shortcomings in our application documentation, which we should look at and amend.
However, they were enthusiastic about the application and said that we should reapply in the month of April. These matters are being attended to at the moment and we will soon be amending our application document. This work is a bit difficult in the current situation, but we are making progress.
But now we have just now been told that all applications will be delayed due to the virus crisis.
The refurbishment of the kitchen is being delayed by the same restrictions to some degree, but we are trying to progress this matter.
We did have a good level of activity in January and February. The coffee mornings and craft groups met as usual, the Finnish school took place, two Film evenings and we had one of Mike and John’s concerts, taking place before the building was closed. We are still getting some income from the Car Park. We have some very generous people who are hiring our spaces.
We have committed to have a detailed report carried out on the exterior of the building, which will involve modern technology. A company that uses a drone will take thousands of laser pictures and also thousands of colour pictures, which then get combined to give a full 3D picture of the entire building. The result is a very high definition view of the entire building. This will be the basis for possible repairs in the future and can be used time and time again, with no costs, compared to have cherry-pickers doing so whenever there is a question of faults, say in the roof.
So, in conclusion, the charity is in a safe position and we go on looking forward to when we can restart our activities, whenever that might be.
In the meantime, I wish you all very well, I hope you are managing to keep a bright outlook on our collective difficulties. The main thing is to look after yourselves and to stay safe. This will come to an end and, to use part of the Queen’s message, “We will meet again soon”
Very best regards – stay safe

Signed LINC Chairman Roger Metcalf

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